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Sustainability - Milliken takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.


Milliken takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.


We take full responsibility for sustainable manufacturing — from beginning to end. We address the waste that results from producing our products and commit to doing business with the highest ethical standards. We take environmental responsibility seriously. The first Milliken documented recycling policy was in the early 1900s, years before the Environmental Protection Agency was formed. To date, the company diverts 99 percent of its waste from landfills to places where it can be re-used or recycled. As a carbon negative-certified company, we capture and offset more carbon dioxide than we emit. As a nine-year consecutive winner of the Ethisphere Magazine’s list of the “World Most Ethical Companies” we take pride in doing good in the world by giving back to our community, sourcing responsible suppliers and inventing products that do good.

Milliken's Global Environmental Policy

Milliken’s Environmental Policy, adopted in November 1990, established a goal of zero waste to all media.  Our goal is the elimination rather than reduction of all solid waste, hazardous wastes and emissions. This policy guides environmental decision-making and calls for preferring all other means of disposal before using the landfill. To date, the company diverts 99% of all of the company’s waste away from landfills and to places where it could be re-used or recycled.  In addition, we actively seek and use alternative energy to power our manufacturing plants, such as methane gas produced by local landfills.