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The Genuine Article: Milliken’s Military History, Clothing & Experience

From the time of America’s involvement in World War II, Milliken has played a role in supplying the United States Military with needed textiles. Building the first windowless, air-conditioned textile factory near what was then Clemson College (now University) in the rolling hills of the South Carolina Piedmont, Milliken began to produce a vital wartime material—tire cord—the source of strength for wartime truck, plane and automobile tires. Since then, Milliken has expanded its military offering, growing well beyond its humble roots in size, but not in spirit.

For the last several years, we have actively pursued and developed our military capacity and capabilities, leveraging our history of manufacturing excellence and research expertise from the consumer markets into a competitive advantage. Recent history has shown the greatest innovations in the military textile market to come from civilian roots; for this path, we are well-equipped, with a proven record of turning proficiency in consumer products into strategic military advantage. Above all, Milliken Military is defined by the fabrics and materials we produce for genuine military clothing and equipment backed by almost 150 years of leadership, cutting-edge science and award-winning American manufacturing ingenuity.

Currently Milliken serves as a materials subcontractor for all branches of the military, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Post Office and the Department of Homeland Security. We supply product for the following categories: Flame Resistant Fabrics, Cold Weather Clothing Systems, Combat Uniform Fabrics, Dress Uniform Fabrics and Equipment Fabrics. Producing deliverables for these and other government agencies requires the ability to meet specs, deadlines, and budgets in a reliable manner. With our flexible and responsive vertical production model, we assure the confidence of our customers and partners in meeting the demands of this challenging sector.

On the near horizon, we see the role of Milliken Military continuing to shift from fabric subcontractor for genuine military clothing and gear to being the top-of-mind materials innovator in outfitting the next generation warfighters of America’s military.

Supply Chain Partners

Together with our manufacturing partners we help produce military clothing, combat gear and dress uniforms for the United States Armed Forces.  The companies we supply are some of the best in the world, and we are proud to work with them.