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Flame Resistant Materials

Outfitting the Next Generation Warfighter

Flame Resistant Materials

When you’re in the heat of battle, you have to trust two things: your fellow soldiers and your gear. Milliken Military’s flame-resistant fabrics go into some of the most advanced military clothing on the planet, protecting our warfighters when they find themselves in some of the most life-threatening combat situations.

ResQ® Flame Resistant Fabrics

Milliken understands that for gear to protect, it also needs to be strong and durable, so it created its ResQ line of FR fabrics. ResQ is engineered to be strong, with a high resistance to tear, even when wet, and its colors stay true longer, for more durable visual and NIR camouflage protection. Additionally, ResQ provides a high level of protection against flash fires caused by IEDs and other incendiary devices.

ResQ fabrics meet the specs for the new USMC EFRCE and the new version of the US Army ACP. 

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Abrams Flame Resistant Fabrics

​Tank crews put their coveralls through a lot climbing in and around their vehicles. Milliken developed Abrams FR fabrics with a high level of high abrasion resistance to help extend the life of the uniform. Abrams fabrics are also used in reinforcements for various other FR clothing.

Currahee Flame Resistant Boot Material

Water resistant, breathability and FR protection in a highly durable fabric - that's what Currahee FR material provides to the FR hot weather boot - so your feet can be more comfortable and protected too.

Aramid Fabrics

​Milliken manufactures a line of Aramid and Aramid blend fabrics for flight suits, anti-G suits, and other applications.