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100% polypropylene composite

Vehicle Armor and Personal Protection

Tegris® Thermoplastic Composite

Tegris® is a 100% polypropylene composite for armor applications to counter fragment, projectile, and blast threats. Tegris® is ideal for hard and soft armor applications, including personal body armor, vehicle armor, blast blankets, and a number of other armor related applications.

Tegris® thermoplastic composite is a highly-engineered polypropylene tape yarn with a highly-drawn core for strength properties. For the military, Tegris® provides remarkable impact resistance over typical thermoplastics and thermoplastics composites as well as excellent protection against fragment, projectile or blast threats. So good, in fact, that it is being used as an armor solution against ballistic threats and retains this performance level even at extremely low temperatures.

Designed to be easily processed, Tegris® is available in fabric or sheet stock. The sheet stock can be used for panel applications or can be molded using pressure thermoforming processes. The fabric can also be molded using the same processing techniques. It has a variety of practical advantages to materials which perform a similar function. Tegris® is fully recyclable and safer to handle than glass-filled composites. It has the required stiffness without the weight of similar glass-based materials, and its density can be attenuated to a desired thickness. It is a highly advanced, highly versatile solution to a variety of challenges faced by our modern military.


A revolutionary 100% PP thermoplastic composite with excellent impact resistance and stiffness in a lightweight composition.