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Comprehensive Signature Management is Paramount to Mission Safety and Security


Being able to hide from sight is a key component to mission success.  Milliken not only prints a wide range of visual camouflage, but we have technology that can help personnel hide in the dark, from multispectral detection devices, including radar and thermal imaging cameras.

Conceal Fabrics - Own the Night

As thermal imaging cameras become more portable, and more common, the need increases to hide personnel, especially at night. Working beyond the near infrared range (NIR), into the thermal infrared range, Conceal® camouflage technologies can reduce the risk of detection, so U.S. Armed Forces continue to own the night.

By significantly reducing the thermal signature of the fabric, Conceal camouflage technology enables the fabric to have a similar surface temperature as the surrounding area. The wearer blends more easily into the background, making them harder to see, and less of a target.

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ULCANS - Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Netting System

- RADAR adsorbing
- RADAR attenuating
- ITAR Controlled