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Flame Resistant

Outfitting the Next Generation Warfighter

Flame Resistant

Arguably the most important technology we can provide to the modern warfighter, the ability to incorporate flame-resistant fabrics into clothing and gear for our military cannot be overstated. Lives are saved and human capital is protected. For armed forces where the value of the individual is often as great as that of the whole, withstanding the brutal forces of fire and heat should be as valuable as withstanding the force of a ballistic attack. Milliken has innovated its line of military fabrics in several ways to provide maximum flame-resistance protection to warfighters in the field.

Milliken Flame Resistant Fabric Technologies

Milliken combines carefully selected blends of fibers in unique fabric constructions, then adds our own patented finishing technology to create fabrics that are not only protective against heat and flame, but highly durable, with good colorfastness, so they last longer. And, because comfort is also important, we can also include features to make our FR fabrics more breathable, wick moisture, and dry quickly. 

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